Secondary School Art Work #secretregatta

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Seafaring by Lili McLaughlan, Mixed Media, £SOLD

Lili has just finished her Higher Art course at school and is going on to Advanced Higher next session. She is hoping to continue with her creative studies when she leaves school.


Lili most enjoys the expressive side of art, making detailed studies of still life objects in her work. She prefers to use graphite and coloured pencil usually, as she likes the colour, detail and shading these materials make possible.

“For this artwork ‘Seafaring’, I decided to challenge myself to try some different materials and techniques. To express the nature of the sea I felt the flow and colours of the ink I used gave a good watery feel of movement. Having looked at pictures of the Fife boats, I was interested in the lines and silhouettes created by their distinctive shape. I chose to draw an outline of this recognisable shape, with the sails and ropes, showing the elegance and strength of the boat against the deep rough seas.”

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky by Ellen Frances Lock, Acrylic on canvas board, £30

My work is about the limitless of the horizon, and not  limiting yourself.

I made this piece the way I did because I love the simplicity of the design.

I enjoyed to see the work come together and how it progressed.

Gaff Cutter by Timothy Roper, Mixed Media NFS
Boats by Timothy Roper, Pencil on Paper, NFS
Ketch by Timothy Roper, Mixed Media, NFS
Fifes by the Lifeboat Station by Jade Robertson
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