Heather Nevay #secretregatta

Tobermory Harbour, Pastel, Oil & Pencil on giclee print of Sea Chart on hand-made paper,  30x34.5cm Framed, £500
Bangor Bay, Pencil & Pastelon Sea Chart, 19x23cm Framed, £300
Depths in Metres, Construction, 45x67cm Framed, £500

Heather Nevay was born in Glasgow and studied at Glasgow School of Art,graduating with a BA Hons Art & Design (Printed Textiles).  Heather’s exquisitely detailed painting are mostly figurative with colour being an important part.  Heather uses symbolism to express ideas of heroism, weakness, fear and the shifting balance of human relationships.  

For this exhibition Heather has moved away from painting, drawing onto old sea charts using graphite and pastel, as well as creating a collage construction using found materials.

“I saw my first sea chart about six years ago and fell in love with the details of land and sea it described. 

It was the tiny details of landmarks for sailors to look out for from the water which attracted me. Church, factory, spire and wooded land all appeared dotted across the land area.  I had not realised would be part of the chart’s function.

I just followed their instruction.

The beautiful renaissance sea charts and maps I saw years earlier on a visit to the Vatican museums came to mind and I started to add the whimsical sea serpents and sailing vessels which I imagined may inhabit the deep water. 

I use the charts as a jumping off point, to enter a make-believe world of my own imagination.  So much more tempting than reality at times like this. 

It is a balance of being literal to the words on the chart and allowing for my own vision of make-believe and fantasy.”

Heather at work in her studio

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Ruth's Exhibition opens on 8th September and runs to 7th October. We would be delighted if you could join us from 2pm for the opening.
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