Primary School Art Work #secretregatta

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All sales will go to an Art Fund Pot to support Tighnabruaich and Kilmodan Primary Schools with future art projects.

Kentra by Murray, Mixed Media

Watch this video to hear Murray tell us more about creating his work.

Waves by Orin, Mixed Media, SOLD

Watch this video to hear Orin tell us more about creating her work.

White Waters by Ruairidh, Mixed Media, SOLD

Watch this video to hear Ruairidh tell us more about creating his work.

Moonbeam by Logan, Mixed Media SOLD

Watch this video to hear Logan tell us more about creating his work.

Song of the Sea, written and performed by Catriona and Gemma

the Night by Seonagh, Slate, Seaglass and Mussel Shell

I was inspired by the dark sea and the moon reflecting on the sail.

Beachcomber by Rob, Found objects on wood SOLD

This piece is purely made of materials collected from the beach.  


Fife Haven by Freya, Pen on Paper

For this artwork I used pencil for a sketch and for the colour I used watercolour pens and normal fibre tip pens.

In this artwork I wanted to use different strategies and to use  lots of different colour.  


Flying Fish by Fabian, Mixed Media, NFS

My boat is made from  a stone I made on the beach, a wooden cabin that I carved, a wooden skewer as the mast that I glues with the glue gun and some fabric as the sail, and then I painted it.


The Secret Sands by Lucy, Mixed Media SOLD

Working on The Secret Regatta project has been fun. I live in a beautiful place. I wanted to show other people the lovely place I live in. I wanted to use the natural materials I found on the beach near my house in my work. I wanted to use my camera to capture the view then add some things I found on the beach to make it come alive with different materials to add texture. I really enjoyed taking the pictures and exploring the beach and collecting all the materials and sticking them on. Sticking done of the materials on was a challenge. I had to try different glues.


Song of the Sea by Catriona, Mixed Media

This piece of art is not about one particular thing, it is actually about many things.  I think it looks  like someone has taken all the elements of the sea and has squished them(like a flower press) and stuck all of it on paper! But that’s just what I think, it just depends on how you look at it! What do you think?

The hardest part was deciding on what to do and getting started.  Once I got going it just flowed naturally like the sea!

All my life I have lived by the sea and have always  loved watching the water flowing and the seals sunbathing on the islands.  My mum, sister and I wrote a song about the sea and I also based my picture on that. I love how the Chris and Michaela Goan use their words on their work so I borrowed that idea from them.  


Rupert by Sarah, Modelling Clay, Paint and Willow

My boat piece is a small replica of mine.  I made my boat this way because I have been wanting to make a model of my boat for a while and this is a great time.  I learned to try and paint over the red modelling clay and that boats don’t stand on their own.

I enjoyed every part of it. It was so much  fun!

My biggest challenge was putting the pieces together and painting the red clay.

Looking Out At Loch Fyne by Skye Rose, Photograph
The Shore Meets the Land by Skye Rose, Photograph
Movements of the Waves by Skye Rose, Photograph

The pictures are about the land, sea and sky, showing the contrast in colours and the detail of different textures.

For my first piece I was experimenting with editing my photos and found a way to make my photo look like a painting.

Wit the second I wanted to keep it more real than painting like.

The last photo I captured the movement of the water and the rocks under the Loch.

I learnt how to take a better photo and edit and how  to  capture the movement of  waves.

I enjoyed taking the photo and learning  how  to edit using different software.  I also enjoyed going out and finding the right place for my photos.  My big  challenge  was deciding on which  photos to  edit.

Tiny by Iris, Mixed Media

I made my sailing boat out of card, paper, straws and paint.  I chose these materials because they are easy to work with.  I liked learning about sailing  boats in this  project. I learned about the Fifes which were made of  wood and were used for  racing. The hardest part was  cutting the card.  


Regatta by Gemma

I based my piece on a sunset because the colours are beautiful. I enjoyed  making  my piece but it  was  hard work.


One Boat and Mountains by Raphi, Pencil, Pastels and Watercolour on Canvas Panel SOLD

My work is about one boat sailing past the mountains of Bute.  It must be very exciting!


Blue Sea Splash by Lucia, Pencil and Watercolours on Card SOLD

My work is about a boat speeding through the waves.  I  like the red logo on the sail.


Racing by Juliane, Pencil, Pastel and Watercolour on Canvas Panel SOLD

My work is about boats and yachts racing.  I like the mountains because I like the shape of them and their lovely flowers which make the mountains look really  colourful.

Abstract Sails by Orlaith, Pencil and Pen on Paper

I chose to do abstract because I wanted to make something that would stand out. I got the inspiration of the sales from an abstract oil painting. My reference was Kentra because of the shapes of the sails. I wanted the sails to look like they were melting away and I achieved that look, until I coloured it in, now they look more ripped than melting.


The Regatta on the Deep Blue Sea, Pencil and Pen on Paper

I got the idea from a picture of a yacht and drew a couple in random places. Then I decorated the sails, adding some hills and the sea. Then I had the idea of sheep so I added them in and my regatta picture came out better than I thought.


The Coral by Eva, Paint on Slate

The coral takes sail for her race to beat the octopus from Rubhan.

Blue Star by Breagha, Modelling Clay
Sea Glass Sea by Coire, Mixed Media SOLD
No 1 by Ella, Mixed Media
No. 2 by Ella, Mixed Media SOLD
No. 3 by Ella, Pencil on Paper
The Yacht by Ethan, Mixed Media
Fife Boat by Theo, Mixed Media
Fyne Day For a Sail by Kathryn, Mixed Media
Race to the End by Jack, Pen on Paper
Boat by Mabel, Mixed Media
Mermaid of Destruction by Morven, Pencil on Canvas, NFS
Isla Brown Sailing on the Water by Millie, Pen on Wood
Ostel Bay in a Storm by Beth, Mixed Media
Ostel Bay in the Sunshine by Theo, Mixed Media
Sailing Boat by Ryan, Mixed Media
Sailing by the Shore by Kyle, Mixed Media
Sailing on the Kyles by James, Mixed Media SOLD
Sandy by Lily, Mixed Media
Seashell Boats by Jochebel, Mixed Media
A Lonely Boat Sailing in the Kyles of Bute by Sophie, Mixed Media SOLD
The Boats New Day by Struan, Paint on Canvas Panel SOLD
Dolphins with Sailing Boat by Lisa, NFS
Huts on the Beach by Martin, NFS

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