About Tighnabruaich Gallery

When my husband and I decided to leave Glasgow in 2011, to raise our young family in a more peaceful setting, the decision of where to move to was an easy one. I spent my childhood summers in Colintraive, exploring the rugged coastline and learning to sail at the Tighnabruaich Sailing School, so when a property became available on the Secret Coast, it was the natural choice. Having returned to the area year after year, I have known the Tighnabruaich Gallery since it was founded over thirty years ago so, when the opportunity arose in 2017 for us to take it over, we leapt at the chance. Drawing on my professional experience of curation and arts education, we have grown the Gallery into a top quality space which, as well serving our much loved visitors, also provides the local community with access to culture and the arts which otherwise could only be experienced by visiting the city.
We aim to bring a range of dynamic and engaging works to rural Scotland including contemporary art and crafts from a range of established and emerging talents.
The gallery hosts a series of exhibitions throughout the year, so works are constantly changing. As well as drawing and painting we also exhibit design-led jewellery, textiles, glass, ceramics and prints.


Tighnabruaich Gallery is located on Argyll’ Secret Coast, a gem of a place just waiting to be explored.  Tucked away in a small corner of Argyll, but only two hours away from Glasgow, most visitors to Scotland and even the Scots themselves, are yet to discover it.  You will not find crowds of tourists here.  What you will find is wildlife, tranquillity and stunning scenery at every turn. This part of Argyll is wild and remote, with hills, glens, rugged coastline, white beaches, sea lochs, clear waters and ancient forests.  It is bordered by two beautiful stretches of water, the Kyles of Bute and Loch Fyne, and peppered with pretty villages.  I love it when visitors to the gallery ask for recommendations on what to see whilst they visit the area, and I can often be found drawing all over a copy of the Secret Coast map, to point out the must-see attractions.  My recommendation would be to get off the beaten track and really use your eyes!  Visit the various beaches and notice how they are all different.  Look down and discover treasure; a piece of driftwood, a perfect shell, a piece of old crockery.  Look up and spot the undulations on the hills, the  different colours, and the wildlife.  Just take time to stop and breathe!

Opening Saturday 1st - Sunday 23rd July

Monday: 11am - 3pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 11am - 3pm
Friday: 11am - 3pm
Saturday:11am - 3pm
Sunday: 11am - 3pm

Where possible we can open by appointment. Please call 07932 612 957

"Argyll’s finest art gallery sitting at the heart of the seaside village of Tighnabruaich."
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