Lines of connection

Jenny Robert's paintings explore the vast and often wild landscapes inspired by her current life in Scotland and childhood in the North of England. Jenny is new to the Gallery and this is her first solo exhibition.

'Balance in all things', mixed media on board, £350

I fully believe a painting should stimulate a visceral reaction within a viewer. It should spark energy and excitement, provoking emotions which are often hard to articulate. I distinctly remember these sensations upon viewing many historic works of art, as well as the select few pieces which I have bought over the years. Jenny Roberts's work evokes within me these very feelings.  I experienced an instant reaction to her paintings when I first discovered them. What made this even more exciting was the subsequent conversation I had with Jenny about her practise. What she spoke about resonated with me and feelings I have had, and still do, experience.

'Inlets', acrylic on canvas board, £450
'Nature's Curtain', acrylic on canvas board, £450

"I began painting as a way of finding a space for myself and to rediscover who I actually was again following my journey through motherhood and my career as an ecologist. I love those aspects of my life but, as many do, felt I had lost a sense of me along the way.  I wanted to reconnect with my own internal voice and realise my own dreams and desires for life. Creativity has always been an outlet for me and painting allows me not only to express my emotions but also to tap into a deeper connection to the natural world that has been a mainstay of my life. I am also a much nicer person to be around when I have had time to paint. " Jenny Roberts

'Push and Pull', mixed media on paper, £400

'Feithlinn', mixed media on paper, £250

I made an instant connection with Jenny and her paintings and, therefore, I am incredibly excited to host her first solo exhibition and to be able to share her work with you.

'Allt Duine', mixed media on paper, £450

Artist's Statement

“I am fascinated by the interplay between exposed and isolated landscapes and our emotions. These places hold such a power to connect us with the wild spaces, both externally and internally. My work aims to reconnect the viewer with these places and the feelings associated with them, taking them on a journey within their minds to explore what this evokes for them personally. What characteristics of that landscape exert a response in them? It may be that isolation gives rise to fear of the  dangers it can represent, or, rather, a sense of freedom and adventure. A vast open vista can make us feel excited and empowered or, conversely, calm or vulnerable. Our response to a place can take many forms and everyone’s experience is different. I aim to create art that allows people to explore these feelings.

I use mixed media, predominantly acrylics and pastels, to explore landscape and create authentic, expressive paintings which expose the viewer to the experience and sensations of an environment. My work begins with bold lines and gestural marks giving me a place to start and something to respond to. I then use a range of mixed media to work intuitively in relation to a feeling, experience, sensation or intention, being careful to pay attention to the painting itself and where it is leading me. Letting go of the need for a plan or final result and being open to taking risks is a key part of how I work. It is basically like having a conversation or relationship with a painting as it forms and is discovered.  My process is, therefore, very like my explorations in the natural world, full of discoveries and adventures invoking memories of the remote and dramatic landscapes I have visited.

I work with a range of media including charcoal, pigment rich pastels, inks, acrylic paints and water.  I  build up layers and texture, creating  depth and a feeling of longevity which  mirrors the landscapes I paint. I love working on paper as it grabs onto those first marks so well,  giving me a solid base to respond to. I am, however, loving discovering different techniques, bringing this into my process with panels and canvas boards. Exploration and play is a large part of my creative process.

As well as an artist I am a mum of two and a part time ecologist.   Time to paint can be tight. It is, therefore, really important for me to grab any pockets of time available -my practice can be quite opportunistic in nature.  When I first started painting I kept all my materials in a portable box, taking it and my drawing board off to an available room any chance I got. I now work from a large table at the back on my living room.  Thankfully my family are very supportive and accommodating of this. Surrounded by images and my findings from nature, I am able to dip in and out whenever time allows. This gives me the ability to watch over my kids while also painting. It is  important for me to show my children that although I am there for them, my needs are also important.   Allowing yourself space to do something you love and which enriches your life is essential to being happy and healthy.”

To See all of Jenny's work, please visit her page HERE

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