School Project #secretregatta

The School Project


It was a total unknown as to how the children of Kilmodan and Tighnabruaich Primary schools would respond to #Secret Regatta.


Having worked with both schools before I knew that the children were engaged, positive, clever, creative, imaginative and inspiring.  However, the challenges presented by Coronavirus, school closure and having to conduct the project virtually meant that I did had no idea what the outcome may be.

Suffice to say that the children have risen to the challenges and demonstrated their resilience and amazing characters.


The sheer amount of work produced and the exemplary quality is inspirational.  

I split the project into several challenges in order to enhance the children’s learning.   This enabled them to experience and participate in the process of artistic production, from research through to idea design and development and, finally,production and preparation for display.

We utilised the creative possibilities of online technology to allow artists and Fife experts to ‘meet’ the children, talk to them and to answer their questions.  


With over forty pieces produced the children’s artistic creativity is awe-inspiring.


From collages and photographs, models and sculpture, poems and even a song, #Secret Regatta demonstrates the limitless imagination of children.


I am so thrilled to have been part of this project and am excited about what could come next!  With the money raised by the sale of the children’s work the two schools will be able to but new art materials allowing for future project such as #secretregatta to take place, and, therefore, the children’s creativity to flourish.



Mrs Stirling and Mrs Hamilton, The Head Teachers of Kilmodan and Tighnabruaich Primary Schools, spoke about the project:


There are multiple benefits to our pupils of taking part in the Secret Regatta project. The project has encouraged them to find out about aspects of their local area and to compare the importance and use of boats in the past and present. It has helped them to understand aspects of the world of work and has given them access to artists and professionals who have shared knowledge and skills with the children.

                                             Chris and Michaela met the children over a live Google Meet, talking about their work and giving a tour of their studio.


During the school closure period when many teaching and learning activities have been online, this has been a project that has encouraged the children to go outside,explore their local area and use non-digital resources, especially those they can find in their local environment. There have been opportunities for personalisation and choice in what the children decide to produce and they have all shown a clear sense of engagement and achievement. Every child has been able to participate at their own level – the tasks have been low threshold,high ceiling tasks. They have enjoyed sharing their ideas and work through Google Meets, building talking and listening skills. When the Fife Regatta is able to visit the area, the children will have more knowledge about the event and be enthusiastic about attending and supporting.


Having people outside the school willing to share their time and talents has been beneficial not only to the children but also to the staff, who have enjoyed taking part in the challenges each week along with the children. Staff from the two schools have enjoyed the chance to work together and the project has engaged parents along with their children in a family learning experience.


Funding is limited every year in schools and buying extras is often impossible without sourcing external funding. This project has the potential for the children to make money from the sale of their art work and this will not only benefit the school in terms of providing a pot of money for purchasing art resources but also the children will have a sense of ownership.


Thank you Ros for providing such a fantastic opportunity for both schools.


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