Mary Taylor #secretregatta

Close Encounter, Canvas on panel, unframed, 40.5x51cm, £250
Coming and Going, box canvas, 30.5x20cm, unframed £175
All Sorts, Canvas panel, unframed 40.5x 51cm, £250
Fine & Fresh, 40.5x51 cm, canvas panel, unframed, £250
Sheer Beauty,  canvas, unframed, 30.5x30.5cm, £175
Squall, canvas panel, unframed, 34.5x 34.5cm, £200
Stramash, canvas panel, unframed, 40.5x51cm  £SOLD

Mary Taylor was born and brought up in Tighnabruaich, now working from her custom built ‘shedio’ in the village.  

Sky, sea and shore are Mary’s inspiration and passion, as she experiments with her materials and methods, using a variety of styles and media.  Mary’s work is vibrant and colourful, perfectly capturing the textures and landscape of Argyll’s Secret Coast.  I hugely admire Mary’s confidence and drive to push herself creatively.  In the collection of work produced for Secret Regatta she has positively embraced the challenge of capturing the Fife boats in all their complicated glory!

Mary says:

“My father was a professional yachtsman and from an early age I loved everything about the sea and boats, frequently imagining sailing, like him, on “real”yachts, many of which were Fifes. Having agreed to submit paintings for this virtual regatta, I happily indulged in researching old photographs, books and memories.My challenge was not to produce photographic images but to try to capture the essence, the magic and joy of a Fife regatta. The task was both pleasurable and frustrating as I struggled with the wonder of scale, shape, power,motion, noise, excitement and sheer beauty.Now completed. Would Dad approve?”


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