Bumbarrel #MarkWard

'Bumbarrel' 40x40cm, £500

‘Bumbarrel’ is a colourful piece of work that has a little bird in the middle. The bird is multicoloured, and it is standing on a little tube which looks like a branch in a  bush.  It is as if we are in the middle of the bush with the bird, and the grey and white  branches are in focus. The circles in the background look like leaves and the green rectangles are twigs and branches, further back, blurred and not in focus.  

I think the yellow background is like the sunlight, streaming in through the  leaves.  You know how, sometimes,  when light  shines through the  trees in summer it  makes patterns and bright rays.  

Bumbarrel reminds me of a Long Tail Tit.  They are that kind of colour, but without the pink, and they live in little bushes, and it reminds me of that. I don't know where Mark’s inspiration came from, but I like how the  bird in the middle is made out of pom-poms, pieces of felt and card.  I really this painting.”

Calum McKenna, age 13

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