Painting the Landscape

A curated display of work illustrating how different painters have approached depicting the landscape. From the polished perfection of Becca Thorpe to the wild and atmospheric pieces by Ellis O'Connor, it is fascinating to explore how paint can be used in so many different ways.

To find out more about each artist or to purchase a painting please visit the relevant artist page.

Alternatively email or call 07932612957 for more information.

'Island 1', Ellis O'Connor, £850
'Island 2', Ellis O'Connor, £850
'Through the Mist', Jackie Stevenson, £440
'Trees on the Bay', Jackie Stevenson, £440
'Weeds and Willowherb', Jackie Stevenson, £320
'Seafoam', Jenny Roberts, £320
'Inlets', Jenny Roberts, £475
'Homelands', Jenny Roberts, £475
'Contemplation', Jenny Roberts, £270
'Winter in the Pennines', Jenny Roberts, £220
'Accidental Wave', Bonita Ellmore, £850
'Westerly Swell', Bonita Ellmore, £475
'Winter Sea', Bonita Ellmore, £475
'Twister', Anthea Gage RSW, £1,050.00
'Marram Grass', Anthea Gage RSW, £1,200
'West Coast Textural', Anthea Gage RSW, £500
'Inlet, Loch Awe', Arthur Ker, £750
'River Liever, Winter', Arthur Ker, £995


Ruth Slater


Mark Wood

Canvas Painting

Video from the artists Studio

Invitation to the opening night

Mark Ward’s paintings all relate to the natural world. Most are developed from experiences of landscapes and creatures locally or in more exotic climes.

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