At the Water's Edge

An exhibition of paintings by Arthur Ker inspired by the Year of Coasts and Waters.

'Cormonachan Falls'

I met Arthur Ker for the first time in 2019.  Based in mid-Argyll, and part of Artmap Argyll, he made contact with me around the same time I was curating the wonderful work of Tom Shanks RSW RGI PAI. Perhaps, for that reason, I will always associate Arthur’s work with Tom's. However, there are also clear comparisons which can be drawn between both artists: the graphic quality of their work and their strong use of colour, line and marks.

'Crinan Canal, Evening'

Havingsaid that, Arthur's work is pretty unique. I do not think I know of any other artist who uses such vibrant  and vivid colourin landscapes.  His paintings are bold and joyous. For these reasons I invited Arthur to create a collection of work for this solo exhibition, ‘At the Water’s Edge’. What you see here are a series of paintings exploring the cliffs of Orkney and the Moray Coast, the islands ofthe Inner Hebrides, freshwater lochs, tiny hill lochans, tumbling rivers,majestic waterfalls and the calm reflective beauty of the Crinan Canal.

'Inlet, Loch Awe'

“Formost of my professional career I have been involved in the practice, and theteaching, of graphic design, illustration, animation and interactive design.Now free from full time employment I concentrate on the creative arts in a morepersonal way, exploring different media, techniques and subject matter.

Sincetaking up painting I have focused mainly on landscape in watercolour andacrylic, attempting to create colour harmonies inspired by those in nature.” ARTHURKER

Tidal Race, Jura III

To see and buy all of the work in this exhibition please follow this link.

To see the exhibition by Margaret Ker running alongside this exhibition please follow this link.


Ruth Slater


Mark Wood

Canvas Painting

Video from the artists Studio

Invitation to the opening night

Mark Ward’s paintings all relate to the natural world. Most are developed from experiences of landscapes and creatures locally or in more exotic climes.

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