Across the Waves: A New Journey

A collection of new work by Anthea Gage RSW and Bonita Ellmore

To view and purchase all of the work in 'Across the Waves: A New Journey', please visit the artists pages, ANTHEA and BONITA

As winter approached, Anthea and Bonita retreated to their shared studio. Working in a bubble, they created pieces inspired by wide open places; their work captures the expanse of the sea and un-walked hills. Unable to travel, they used canvas and paper as a magic carpet to transport themselves where they were unable to go.

Across the Waves: A New Journey’ evokes the informal atmosphere of their shared studio and the yearning they felt to break free from the imposed restrictions placed on us all.

Anthea’s work has undergone a transformation during the time of Covid. The process began with her coming to live in Argyll.  However, a number of other factors have contributed. Seeing the sea from her window on a daily basis has been a constant source of inspiration, causing her to embrace a new and looser style of painting. Her work has moved more towards abstraction as she has sought to capture the feeling which comes from a combination of light, sea and sky.

Working in mixed media, she uses acrylic inks overlaid on a base of collaged paper which is often from found sources. The physical scale of her works varies from large to small, but all the works have an energy which is captured rapidly, in contrast to her earlier more planned and meticulous style. Anthea has found this new way of working to be liberating and inspiring.

Bonita’s art is inspired by a lifetime of working on, and in, the sea. She is obsessed with the sea and with the creatures which are found there. She works with oils on canvas but also with watercolours on paper and sometimes with acrylic inks.

In the studio there is, about her, an energy which typically finds her working on multiple subjects at a time, often leaving one piece and developing another. As long as she feels that she is driving forward. Sometimes her work is neat and finished but at other times her canvasses show the wildness which she finds in her subject matter.

In sharing a studio space in Ardentinny, Anthea and Bonita have found inspiration in each other’s company. Working together has brought out the best in each of them. The work which is displayed here has been a great source of joy to them.

We hope that you will share in this pleasure as you view their work.

'Can't Catch Me - Heron', Bonita Ellmore, ink on board, £915
'Night Reflections,' Anthea Gage RSW, mixed media, £1,450
'Circumnavigation,' Bonita Ellmore, ink and oil pastel on paper, £880
'Low Tide,' Anthea Gage RSW, mixed media, £850
'Love in a Rush,' Bonita Ellmore, ink on paper, £990
'Longshore Drift,' Anthea Gage RSW, mixed media, £1,150
'Westerly Swell,' Bonita Ellmore, oil on canvas, £475
'Deconstructed Landscape,' Anthea Gage RSW, mixed media, £400

To view and purchase all of the work in 'Across the Waves: A New Journey', please visit the artists pages, ANTHEA and BONITA


Ruth Slater


Mark Wood

Canvas Painting

Video from the artists Studio

Invitation to the opening night

Mark Ward’s paintings all relate to the natural world. Most are developed from experiences of landscapes and creatures locally or in more exotic climes.

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