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I see my creative photography practise sitting comfortably in the company of screen printing, lithography, block printing and other fine art printmaking forms and I prefer to use artists’ papers to print the images.

In the Hullscapes series my objective is to create a series of poetic and lyrical images by discovering, observing and framing selected markings on boat hulls. These boats are in dry dock awaiting or undergoing overhaul and refitting, the workers seemingly ‘apprentices of Neptune’ creating marks with grinders and scrapers that I interpret as images of the sea.

Study of very small areas of the hulls’ paintwork can be readily perceived as sea, coastal scenes, water patterns, conveying mood and expressing a sense of the sea normally associated with painting – a flake of paint becoming the turn of a wave or a rock on the sand.

Visually the works display the kind of distillation and synthesis of subject matter more usually associated with painting or printmaking. That they are lens based products of photography, the ‘objective’ visual medium, is a continuing fascination for me.