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Kevin Fleming

Kevin lives in Comrie, Perthshire. He is primarily self taught - strongly influenced by colourism (Peploe, Cursiter etc.) and expressionism (Chagall) since very young. He have been developing his style for many years now, concentrating on rich, deep attractive colours which evoke mood and atmosphere and attempt to express the personal language of feeling, sensation, and imagination.

Having spent his early years in the Far East, he was keen to rediscover the landscapes and subjects of Scotland, and to return to a more expressive form.

He moved to Perthshire in 2004, at the age of 33 and ever since have been fascinated with the highland landscape, and more recently the coastal and island landscapes which he has concentrated on since 2008, catching the moon over harbours and fishing villages, and the qualities of light and colour at different times and seasons, rendering the very specifically scottish mood and character.

He intends to continue working on a comprehensive portfolio of paintings of the east and west coast of Scotland, discovering new subjects moods and colours. His work is held in private collections around the UK and as far afield as South East Asia.