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Brian Bartlett

Following a BA in Fine Art at Portsmouth,Brian was awarded a travel scholarship to the USA, where he gained his Masters Degree at the University of Eastern Illinois.


On his return, he lived in London where he painted and exhibited.  He has had many exhibitions and his paintings are in collections as far afield as New Zealand and the U.S.A.  He now lives and works by the sea in Kent.


Brian’s work is influenced by his love of painting, in particular Post War British and American Abstraction.  Initially a piece dictate sits own direction, until form is found and a painting is ‘born’, often, but not always, of an image remembered, whether it be a landscape, interior or a still-life.

Brian’s vigorous compositions can be seen as vibrant and glowing celebrations of colour and light.  


Years ago I was a figurative painter but over the past few years my work has been moving more and more toward landscape.   A friend said of my painting ‘Caledonia’that he could sense something intangible and moving in the piece, hints of ghost and people floating around.  In essence that is how I feel and how I would like my work to be seen.”

Click this link to read more about Brian's exhibition with us in 2020..

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