Why I want to study Architecture

November 25, 2017

Eilidh is our part time gallery assistant. She is currently balancing study, architect office based work experience, project work at the Tramway, Glasgow and working for us!


This is the first of her blogs sharing her development. I hope you enjoy it and we can give her all the encouragement she needs to make it!




For the past few years I have time and time again been asked; what I want to do after school, what my dream job is, do I want to go to university, what subjects do I most enjoy etc. Although the nagging for me to make a decision was annoying and unnecessary, it forced me to consider what parts of my education so far had I enjoyed and what things excited me, inspired me and challenged me. I came to the conclusion that an ideal path for me after school would be something which involved both mathematical and creative thinking. I enjoyed the challenges that subjects such as Maths, Chemistry and Biology presented me with and the reward and satisfaction that came with succeeding in these areas. However, I also knew that I could not spend my time doing something that wasn’t creative. From a young age, I have always loved arts and crafts and in High School I have been able to explore even further what my specific interests were and make use of the materials and technology that was available to me. However, at the age of 15, I didn’t know exactly what this ‘dream job’ was. I knew that it had to be creative but also challenging and allowed me to travel. So, I got researching and that is when I discovered the profession of Architecture. Of course, I always knew that architecture existed and that people did it for a living, but it was only now that I had considered my interests and what I desired out of a career that I came to realise it was the perfect fit for me.



I became obsessed with the idea of studying architecture at university when I left school.


I began noticing the details of the built world around me and showing more interest in design and designers. I remember one of the first architects that I ever researched was Santiago Calatrava. His works are futuristic, huge, and unbelievably brilliant. Thinking that this one architect had created something so impressive and tangible was immensely exciting to me and I knew that I had to do it for myself. For hundreds of years architects have been shaping the towns and cities that we live in. I think that these next few decades are going to be one of the most exciting times to be an architect due to the demands that they will be faced with, from environmental problems such as climate change, overpopulation and a lack of resources and a need to find new, more sustainable ones.


Now that I am in my final stage of High School, it is time for me to consider my options for university. There are many institutions that offer both Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Architecture. With Architecture being a lengthy 7-year qualification process it is important that I am studying somewhere that I enjoy and that suits me. I have several options to consider within the UK including Manchester School of Architecture, Strathclyde University, Edinburgh University and The Glasgow School of Art. The Glasgow School of Art is the school that I believe suits me the best. GSA is unique in the sense that it is an architecture course that places a lot of emphasis on the art and design side of architecture, while also providing you with the necessary skills for the world of work.



Being part of an art school, the Mackintosh School of Architecture hosts a vibrant community and a recognised presence in the industry. The application process for this course is lengthy and challenging due to the high demand. Over and above the standard university application process, GSA require an additional statement of intent, online portfolio, and an interview with the admissions board where you will present an entire physical portfolio. Over a series of blog posts I would like to share with you my journey of my application to study architecture.



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