Seeking Colour with Carol Taylor

July 9, 2017

After years of research collaborations Carol found the opportunity to paint for paintings sake and these works are her initial steps away from a career she had been pursuing. After twenty three years lecturing she began to work full time from her studio. The opportunity not to be tied down by titles and exhibition expectations allowed Carol the space to recognise in herself the need to be free – free from justifying every mark and from the rigid world of grants and awards. Carol could move onto produce work which excited and challenged her.

Carol loves colour and self-expression, exploring and pushing boundaries and challenging herself to do the things she does not know how to. She would describe herself as an abstract expressionist, seeking to find and develop her own alphabet of form, her own visual language allowing her to present the human condition as she sees and experiences it.

Describing these watercolours as ‘…imaginary landscapes of the mind’ Carol shows significant consideration for scale. An overwhelming grandeur which makes the artist appear small or contrasting microscopic details which make you feel large, clumsy and inadequate.  Carol aims to create a balance, an internal versus external element that both exist at the same time, a magical world created entirely by herself to escape reality.


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