Seize The Day - Carol Taylor

July 7, 2017


As a young art student Carol sensed that there was more to discover beyond representation and an academic approach. Consequently, she set out to search for her own way. At the age of twenty a prolonged meeting with an older artist provoked a complete turnaround in Carol’s art and life. This older artist’s intellect and experience so overwhelmed and terrified Carol she could not speak for three days.  To break her silence he encouraged her into communication through shared creation of a huge floor painting, twenty foot square, on layers of paper. For hours and hours they ‘talked’ using paints, charcoal and the tearing of paper.


Suddenly inspired by an undiscovered side of her character, Carol threw logic and conscious thinking to the wind. Seized by an almost savage energy sheets of paper were torn apart and reassembled into huge painted collages. Titles from this period such as Woman eating a lump out of herself and Child devouring its mother evoke the emotional intensity of Carol’s involvement and her loathing of tradition and complete disregard for the establishment’s boundaries.



Carol decided to carve. She wanted to acknowledge craft as an essential part of being an artist. Carving is a slow and logical process with little room for error and improvisation. As such, it provided Carol with a purpose and a new meditative pace, something which had previously been missing from her practice.

Wood engraving followed as Carols next learnt skill, and with this she proved to herself that she could exercise restraint and discipline to a meticulous degree.

After developing carving for three years Carol felt a desire to introduce colour back into her work. She wanted to be passionate and to be liberated from the methodical nature of the wood. So Carol’s practice came full circle. She had experimented with both extremes and allowed both aspects, freedom and restraint, to come into play.

Carol’s work reminds us that we are, first and foremost, physical beings with senses which tell us we are alive. We are reminded that life is irrepressible, and, given the slight chance, it will bubble through as light will shine through a chink.

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