Top Buys at Tig Gallery if You Like Texture

April 1, 2017

In art, texture appeals to your sense of touch.  It is what makes you want to pick that beautifully crafted bowl up and feel it.  It is what makes you want to reach into a painting and run your fingers over the surface.  Texture can be as emotive and inspirational as colour in a work of art.  So if it is texture which catches your eye then here is Tig Gallery’s expert guide to the top 5 buys. 


Handmade Ceramics in Tones of Azure.

Tig Gallery Top Buy Number One 

Jan Lewin Cadogan is a ceramicist who lives in Wales.   With their layers of glistening, bubbled and cracked surfaces, you can tell that Jan draws her inspiration from watching waves crash against volcanic rocks and crunching through the sea foam left behind on the sand.  To hold and touch these gorgeous pieces is to be transported to the beach, to see the barnacles glistening the sun and the mirror-like surface of the water in the rock pools.  In each piece there is a real sense of playfulness and experimentation as Jan has explored form, different lava glazes and reactive slips to create the impression of bubbles bursting on the sand, the water disappearing out with the tide.   


Intricately Patterned Pots Inspired by African Textiles and Pottery. Tig Gallery Top Buy Number Two 

Meryl Lusher handbuilds her range of ceramics, each piece unique, beautifully patterned and coloured in warm tones of russet, ochre and turquoise.  Your natural instinct upon looking at Meryl’s work is to pick it up and feel it, to run your fingers along the grooves and geometric shapes which she has pressed into the surface of the clay.  Meryl manages to conjure up the impression of sun-baked sand in pieces transporting you far away from the grey, winter weather here in Argyll! 


Stunning Photographs Capturing the Joys of Beach Combing. Tig Gallery Top Buy Number Three 

Carol Taylor spent hours combing the many beautiful beaches along our coastline capturing the treasure which she discovered in these photographs.  From cockle shells and seaweed to jewel-like pebbles and scraps of rusty chain these images will spirit you away from your everyday surroundings, taking you back to the wind-swept beaches of Argyll’s Secret Coast


Layer Upon Layer of Texture in Landscape Collograph Prints.

Tig Gallery Top Buy Number Four 

Sarah Ross Thompson’s collograph prints are all about texture and that is what makes them so fascinating and appealing.  If you, like Carol Taylor, love beach-combing and, like a magpie, collect fragments of lichen, shells, pebbles, then you will love Sarah’s work.  Building up a collage of materials such as lichen, bubble wrap, hessian sacking, onto her printing plate Sarah then produces gorgeous landscape prints which illustrated the fabulous textural qualities of these materials.  Not only do you want to run your fingers over the surface but you can spend hours wondering and guessing just what it is that she used to gain that effect.   


Drawings and Paintings Exploring Line and Scratched Surface.

Tig Gallery Top Buy Number Five 

You can clearly see the artist’s hand in the vigorously worked surfaces of Eleanor Adair’s atmospherically brooding paintings and drawings.  Whether it is her Venus series of drawings or her Seascape paintings Eleanor’s love of line is visible.  The surfaces of her work have been scratched into and she does not disguise her materials and tools.  


So  if you love texture as much as we do, pop into the gallery, shop online now or if anything in this blog has caught your eye and you just have to have it call us on 01700811681. 

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