Unique  and Beautiful Presents for Mother's Day, Tig Gallery's Top 5 Inspirational Gifts

March 8, 2017

Mothers Day is fast approaching and you need a special gift to show your Mum just how amazing she is.  

Where do you go to find something unique and beautiful? 

Whether she would love jewellery, a vase or a painting here is Tig Gallery's expert guide to our top 5 beautiful gifts, all available on our online shop now.



Handcrafted Textiles Inspired by the Scottish Landscape

- Tig Gallery Mother's Day Gift One


Inspired by the amazing colours in our gorgeous Scottish landscape these textile bags by Fiona Burrage would make the perfect present for Mother's Day. Handcrafted in Harris Tweed each bag is unique.  From heather tones of purple to a turquise reminiscent of shallow water over  sand, the stunning  colours  of these  bags  are  accentuated by the playful fabric linings. And for extra wow factor, each bag is adorned with a detachable fabric flower brooch. These beautiful wee bags make an ideal gift for Mother's Day. Shop Now



Beautiful Jewellery Inspired by Nature

- Tig Gallery Gift Number Two


What Mother wouldn't enjoy being given a stunning piece of silver jewellery? From Twig rings, Leaf Pendent necklaces and Poppy stud earings, all of Badger & Bairds jewellery is inspired by Mother Nature. A perfect gift for your Mother when Spring is in the air!  Prices range from £50 to £150.


Unique and Creative Ceramic Teapot

- Tig Gallery Gift Number 3


This colourful and flamboyant teapot is perfect for a celebratory Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Party. Inspired by her love of the circus and theatre, Julia Roxburgh's unique handmade ceramic teapot features a lid in the shape of a crown. Just what every Mother needs! And with lashings of gold and jewel-like colours this beautiful piece is a thing of oppulant luxury!

Teapot by Julia Roxburgh. £200


Beautiful Original Landscape  Painting

- Tig Gallery Gift Number 4

Transport  your  Mother  away from her  everyday  to a  beautiful Scottish landscape  with  this stunning painting by Kevin Fleming.  Even if it  is  raining   and  grey  outside  this original work  will allow  your  Mother  to  feel  the  warm  sand  between  her  toes, the  sea-breeze  through her  hair  and  the  sunshine  on  her face.  Perfect for  a  bit  of inspirational  escapism! 

North Beach, Iona - £360


Handcrafted Bird Sculptures

- Tig Gallery Gift Number 5

With Spring in the air and birdsong all around these handcrafted wee characters are perfect for a playful and fun gift for your Mother.  Whether they display colourful, jewel toned plummage or gorgeous virdigris, coppery tones, these birds will be sure to raise a smile. Various Pieces available.


So don't delay, be inspired by our carefully selected Gift List,   visit our online shop and treat your very special Mother to a unique and beautiful present!




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