Weaving on frames nailed top and bottom, around which the warp is stretched, Louise makes various sizes of hangings and framed pieces.

The simple idea of pulling weft through warp demands patience but in a world where speed is important she encourages the notion that weaving provides a simple gauge of time in the hours, days and weeks spent transforming strands of wool into a consolidated design.

Louise’s inspiration comes from the landscape of Argyll on the west coast of Scotland. Here she lives and works in Klmartin Glen with Dunadd, the seat of Scotland's earliest kings, many standing stones, rock carvings and imposing burial tombs, a short distance away.

Weather through the seasons, water, rocky shorelines and ever changing light leads her to weave designs which show their roots in nature but can be read by the viewer as abstract patterns or a translation of place and its essence.

Tighnabruaich Gallery, Seaside House, Tighnabruaich, Argyll, PA21 2DR

01700811681              info@tiggallery.com