Tom Shanks RSW, RGI, PAI

An exhibition of previously unseen work by Tom Shanks RSW, RGI, PAI

Tom Shanks RSW, RGI, PAI (1921 – 2020) is widely respected as one of the most talented Scottish landscape painters. He is known for his evocative watercolour paintings of the West Highlands which he loved since childhood.

Art was a passion for Tom.  A compulsive artist, he would paint and draw every day.  In this exhibition of previously unseen work, we explore Tom's early career, as far back as the mid 1940s, as well as his interest in subject matter other than  his beloved west coast landscapes.  


Ruth Slater


Mark Wood

Canvas Painting

Video from the artists Studio

Invitation to the opening night

Mark Ward’s paintings all relate to the natural world. Most are developed from experiences of landscapes and creatures locally or in more exotic climes.

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