I've always been interested in how self consciousness alters our identity, so my art naturally becomes a means of exploring how we construct and define ourselves through others. I'm heavily drawn towards figurative art and find the human form the best place to explore those extremities that make the body talk. The body is such a personal belonging yet we're never free from outside evaluation, our perception of it is always filtered through the social. I hopefully try to work this awareness through my art. The bodies that materialise in my own art become an alternative account of the routine human form, bodies for eyes that like to wander. I work mainly in oil, ink, and pen which for me works best at capturing the relationship of the constant shifts between the physical and psychological expression of human form.

Tighnabruaich Gallery, Seaside House, Tighnabruaich, Argyll, PA21 2DR

01700811681              info@tiggallery.com


Venus 3

Pen on paper, 40x40cm £270