Claire is drawn to old things, weathered things, and the colours and patterns which appear there over time: layers of chipped paint on the side of a skip, a watery bloom of rusting metal around a pump outlet on a Calmac ferry - inspiration can strike in the oddest of places!

Working with acrylic paints, collage and photography, scratching and scraping to reveal hidden layers and colours. Her favourite part of the process isn't the actual painting, it's the taking-off of the paint - doing this between each layer with various implements including an old credit card, a rag a screwdriver or an old quill pen. Although she works with a very considered palette, she is never 100% sure what lies beneath, and it's this element of surprise which she find most exciting and which drives her to paint the next picture.


Tighnabruaich Gallery, Seaside House, Tighnabruaich, Argyll, PA21 2DR