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Kirsty Anderson

In 2019 Neil and I took a day away from the gallery and visited Potfest Scotland which took place at Scone Palace, Perth.


It was here that we met ceramicist Kirsty Anderson.  Her stall instantly attracted my attention because it was so beautifully displayed. It can be hard arranging your work on a slightly wobbly trestle table in a marquee tent, whilst surrounded by hundreds of other makers!  But Kirsty has  an  eye and  she  had  added levels of  varying  height, just the right amount of her work so that it wasn’t  jostling for attention and beautifully  displayed flowers.

I love the simplicity of line in Kirsty’s work.  Strong verticals, angled necks of a vase, the smooth and slick ellipses of a bowl, and the exaggerated curves on a handle.  The scale of her pieces are appealing too,small vessels sitting snugly in your hand. Her surfaces accentuate the form of her work, with a clean palette of white, blue or stark black layered over the natural coloured textured clay.  I loved the splodges of blue, the lines of smooth white and the splashes and drips of black.  I talk a lot about  my love of  Abstract  painting and the importance of composition and, essentially, I  think this is why I am  drawn to Kirsty’s  work. She has the eye of a painter and in her work she created perfectly formed, perfectly composed pieces which allow your eye to sweep over them, and cleverly, your hand to sit perfectly on them in the exact right spot.


We bought two pieces from Kirsty on the day.  My husband drinks from the mug on a daily basis, whilst the little Raku fired vessel sits proudly on display, drawing pleasure every day.  

£ 27.00 
£ 20.00