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Kirsti Brown

Based in Wales and inspired by her love of wandering, drawing and daydreaming by the coast, Kirsti  hand builds ceramic vessels influenced by the sea, beaches and cliffs around Wales and Scotland.The decoration evokes shorelines, waves and landscape featuring my distinctive vivid turquoise glaze.

Kirsti’s latest work takes influences from ancient rock carvings and artefacts.

Kirsti  exhibits across the UK and delivers ceramic workshops in North Wales and the North West of England.


“Inspired by a love of Western Celtic shorelines and the sea, I make hand built ceramic vessels. Shapes are either figurative featuring vivid turquoise glaze that reflects the influence of the sea and landscape; or rounded, washed pebble forms

I begin the process with drawings of landscapes, shorelines and pebbles. Working through ideas using developmental sketches and experimentations in clay.

I set up my first workshop in 1996 in Chester with a second hand kiln after graduating in 1993 from the BA hons Crafts course at Crewe and Alsager College.

I now work from a turquoise shed in the back garden from my home in North Wales. Combining my time with delivering workshops, teaching and being mum to two girls.

The pieces are fired to stoneware temperature and feature a dry turquoise glaze. I use a variety of textured clays from a dark red, toasted buff to a white firing clay, all of which react in various ways altering the depth of colour in the glaze. Currently I am exploring the use of coloured slips exploring mark making on the surface of the vessels.”

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