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Jack has been making pots for nearly 50 years. In 2014 he decided, alongside his late wife Joan, to experiment with printing clay using a 3D printer which makes it possible to create ceramic forms not achievable by other means. There were no commercial 3D printers available to do what they envisaged, so they built their first 3D printer themselves.  They  combine art, craft and technology in a new way, opening up possibilities that are fascinating to explore. 

Jack's pots start with an idea often inspired by natural forms. The idea has to be captured and developed as a digital design which is practical to print in wet clay. The printing process uses all Jack and Joan’s accumulated pottery know-how. Achieving the right consistency of clay is an art in itself. The new forms and textures Jack is working with also demand new approaches to colouring, glazing and firing to make the forms come alive. 

Jack  lives in Cumbria, UK, at the edge of the Lake District National Park. When not printing pots he enjoys hill-walking and sailing.

£ 215.00