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Derek Prescott

Derek Prescott is a local artist, based in Lochgoilhead.

With a genuine love for what he does, his work is born from a deep understanding of his materials and a sense of experimentation and playfulness.  Derek does not work with a sketchbook, making his designs in pen and pencil first.  Rather, he experiments, exploring where the silver and soldering will take him.  As is the case for many artists whose work I admire, I feel that within Derek there is a compulsion to make.  The creation of silver jewellery and copper sculptures are necessity for him, a labour of love.  

“I work mainly in silver but use copper for sculptural pieces and wall panels. All my work is entirely handmade so that no two pieces will ever be identical.

My jewellery making started at college in 1966 continuing as a hobby until 1979 when I made the leap of faith into going full time. This happened to coincide with a huge rise in silver prices – not a good time to choose and I had to change career after a few years. However, four years ago I returned to working in precious metal after thirty-five years as a Professional Photographer.

All my work is hand crafted. I pay close attention to soldering every joint possible, particularly with my handmade chains, so that they should last a lifetime. Some of my chains and Tree Pendants have well over one hundred and fifty soldered joints. Since returning to my bench I have been delighted to have several people mention that they still wear my jewellery which they bought forty years ago.   Hand crafted work is, by definition, not machine made and therefore each piece is individual and unique.”